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Wikis offer interaction in a different way from blogs. Unlike blogs, all entries on a wiki can be edited and users can add content as well as comments. Wikis, too can be public or private, with some variations on permissions. The wiki manager decides permissions, whether the public will be able to view and edit content, or just view the content. The manager can also give certain users permission for editing content, but not for adding or removing pages. Wikis generally offer more flexibility in format than blogs.





Make your own wiki or explore the Literacy wiki: You'll need the key: pbwiki. Add a page and content to the page. Make changes to an existing page.

What issues might there be with copyright with a classroom wiki?

What sorts of content do you envision an elementary class publishing on a wiki?

How could you use a wiki to connect two classrooms in order to share publications?

With what grades would you use a wiki?

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