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iTecs Innovative Ideas
May 5, 2009

Welcome to the iTecs news blurb, a weekly note of ideas for using technology in instruction and to enhance your professional life. This is our last newsletter for Spring 2009. We wish all of you a productive and safe summer!
Topic: Podcasting in Education
1. Introduction to key features of podcasting

2. Introduction to the educational use of podcasting
3. Free online resources of podcasting
Introduction to Podcasts

Finding Educational Podcasts
1. What is podcasting? Definitions
  • “A podcast is a series of digital media files, usually digital audio or video available for download via web syndication” (podcast, wikipedia)
    • Files can be automatically downloaded by subscribing to a feed.
  • Web syndication makes web content available to other sites, often via web feeds.
  • Web feeds list all files associated with a podcast. rss.png
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) symbol designates a web feed of digital media files.
  • Podcatchers are software applications like iTunes that can automatically retrieve new podcast files when they are available.
    • For example, one can subscribe to NPR’s Education Podcast ( through iTunes, My Yahoo, or Zune, and each new broadcast will automatically be downloaded to the specified computer or mp3 player.
    • Subscription can be accomplished by pasting the URL into the iTunes subscription bar or by using the interface provided on NPR's site.

2. Feature Educational Podcast Resources
Higher Education
Podcasting@MSU - MSU faculty upload the audio and video course materials to the website for students to download; MSU students can also upload their podcasting project to this website.
EPNhelpful to teachers looking for content to teach with and about, and to explore issues of teaching and learning in a wide range of subject matters.
iTunes U- downloadable courses, faculty lectures, interviews, music and sports (featured universities on iTunes: Stanford U, PSU, UC Berkeley, etc. )
K-12 Education
· Dan Loos' practice dictation for his ESL students
· The French Podclass - view a **Video Vocabulary** lesson - an example of a video podcast or vodcast.
· Question Words in Spanish - listen to the power of podcasting in connection with foreign language classes
· Grammar Girl's Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing- grammar tips made fun!
Lit2Go- a free online collection of stories and poems for K-12 use.
Diane Schmidt music podcast on rock n roll and blues rhythm
· Mathematics for the Masses - excellent use of podcasting with mathematics
· Speaking of History - an 8th grade teachers history podcast. Listen to one of his recent **interview podcasts**.
Science and Technology
· mrexcel - a short video podcast about Excel - created with screen capture software
NASA- keep up to date with the latest NASA stories
Free Tools For Creating Podcasts
Blogging/Publishing Podcasts
Software for recording podcasts
· Juice Receiver - a free tool that automatically receives and downloads podcasts.
· Audacity - a free audio editing tool records sound files from microphones or the editing and manipulations of existing sound files.
· CamStudio - a free screen-capture tool records the activity on a computer screen as a video file which can then be converted to an iPod-sized video.
· Super © - A simple program which can convert between almost any video file formats.
Creating RSS Feeds
· Podcast 411 - good information on RSS feeds
· Step by Step Tutorial for Creating a RSS Feed
· Feedburner - free RSS service - will create different types of feeds (iTunes included) for you
· Listgarden - free software for creating RSS feed files
· Feed Validator for Atom and RSS - in case you decide to make your own feeds.
File Conversion Software
· Free iPod Video Converter - will convert many different file formats to ones that can be used on a video iPod
· Free WMA to MP3 Converter - will convert wma files to mp3.
Podcast Directories
· NPR Podcast Directory - for all the npr "junkies"
· Podzinger - a search engine for podcasts that searches for words within a podcast
Miscellaneous Resources
· Podcasting Legal Guide - from Wikipedia a 42 page legal guide. It's available as a **PDF document,** too - much easier to read.
· Duke University iPod Experience Final Evaluation Report - an overview of their iPod project with recommendations.

Upload files to website or blog, syndicate using RSS, register at Podcast Hosting Distribution Sites.
Liberated syndication
Podcast Alley

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