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Coding materials for creating google lit trip:

1. Inserting pictures in Placemark:

  • <img src="IMAGE LINK" />

For non-clickable images. please note that IMAGE LINK is not the address we see in the address bar of the browser. It is the address of the image that we can see in its property window (r-click > properties) or in browser's address bar when we open it in a new window (r-click > open image).

  • <a href="HREF LINK"><img src="IMAGE LINK" /></a>

For clickable images (images when clicked open another page which preferably includes the non-resized original of the image).

  • <img src="IMAGE LINK" width="SIZE" height="SIZE" />

For resizing images. please replace SIZE with your the number you prefer.

2. Google templates for editing place mark: