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Storemedia is protected space on the Michigan State University server.

As a field instructor you have a folder on storemedia where your interns can upload their video content.

Here is the link to the storemedia:
  • Click on the the green downloaded files icon to access your account.
  • Enter your msu email and password to access your folder.

Instructions for your interns:
1. Go to the following website:
2. Click on the Download Files icon (the green icon with the white arrow).
3. (At this point you might need to sign in with your MSU login and password)
4. You should see a link to the folder to upload your video:
5. Click on that link.
6. Click on the upload file link.
7. Upload the video file that you intend to upload (there are 500 MB restrictions).
8. If the file is large, make sure they are connected to a dedicated internet connection (a connection that does not time out).
9. Try to upload files during a time period that has low internet traffic in your area.

Here are the video formats which can be uploaded to storemedia:

file type \ Delivery
.mov (hinted)














*It seems as if the quickest process for uploading to storemedia is by using an Xacti camera
or a digital camera with an SD card. The process for uploading is to capture the video. Then take out the SD card from the camera. Insert SD card into the SD card reader on the computer laptop. The video file will be automatically downloaded into either a wmv format or mp4 format. If you have a PC laptop, the file format will be wmv (which play on the Windows Media Player) and if you have a Mac, the file format will be mp4 which plays in Quicktime.

If you have questions or concerns about using storemedia - please email