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Scrapbooks allow users to combine words and photos and share them with others by printing them or sharing the link for the scrapbook with others.


Take a look at the samples on Scrapblog


Escrapbooking ( offers some background to scrapbooking. Read the Basics web page, then click on the links in the left menu to read more about scrapboooking. Explore the links on teaching and learning with scrapbooks and the ideas and links on the Projects page (

Copy and paste your favorite project links here and explain why you chose those options. Be sure to include which grade levels would work well and how you might adapt the ideas.


Blurb allows users to publish books without going through the publishing process.


Choose one of Blurb's tutorials ( and watch 5-7 minutes of it.

From watching the video, what advantages do you see for using Blurb to produce a book?

With what constraints would you have to deal if you chose to use this with a class of children?

How could you overcome or compensate for those constraints?

With what grade levels would you use blurb?

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