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Please note that these are examples of online possibilities. Critique them as you do any other resource.

If you are searching on your own, try searching by using the topic.

Interactive sites from the Annenberg Foundation

Videos from BBC

Physics simulations simulations/ index.html



ThinkerTools and Inquiry Island inquiry.html

Ask a scientist archive.htm

Ask Jeves

Earth and Space Science

Essential Science for Teachers
a video course for grades K-4 teachers

NASA K-16 Science Education Programs Special Collection of videos

Michigan Rocks
A unit developed for middle school on Michigan geology

Windward: Outsmart the Weather in a Race Around the World
online simulation that requires students to make decisions about their travel

S'COOL Project
Students' Cloud Observations Online

Journey North: Climate Connections
Report fall nature notes or signs of spring

Edheads- Weather Activities
learn how to report and predict the weather

WorldWide Telescope
virtual telescope with images from NASA and other telescopes; for Windows only
Help scientists study the galaxies

a downloadable planetarium for your computer

GLOBE at Night
A collaborative measure of night sky brightness

Physical Science

Essential Science for Teachers
a video course for K-4 teachers

Earth Science Animations

Dive and Discover: Plate Tectonics

Science in Focus: Energy
a video course for K-4 teachers

Materials Testing
BBC Schools Science Clips
Testers for ages 5-11

BBC Schools Bite Size Science

Force and Motion

Roller Coaster Simulations
Amusement Park Physics
Funderstanding Roller Coaster
Roller Coaster Designer

Edheads- Simple Machines
see how many simple machines you can identify

Edheads- The Compound Machine
some more machine challenges

Edheads- Crash Scene
Examine the evidence and draw conclusions using knowledge of forces

Physical Processes
BBC Schools Bite Size Science

Science in Focus: Force and Motion
a video course for K-8 teachers

Physics simulations
Physics Simulations with JAVA simulations/ index.html

Shadow/Image Animation
Light websites (not great) teacherslab/science/light/ physics/2000/tomography/ projections.html

Life Sciences

Journey North
Collaborate with students around the world on investigations: whooping cranes; symbolic migration; tulip gardens; monarch butterflies; sunlight and mystery class

Take notes on schoolyard critters and write about species

BBC School Science Clips
Ourselves, Growing Plants

BBC Schools Bite Size Science
Living Things

Edheads- Virtual Hip Surgery
users are the surgeon!
Edheads- Virtual Knee Surgery
another opportunity to be the surgeon

Essential Science for Teachers
a video course for K-4 teachers

Learning Science Through Inquiry
a video workshop for K-8 teachersPicture%2011.png

eduMedia Share
images, animations, videos and other free materials for teachers to share

BBC Schools Science Clips
Interactive Activities

We Can Change the World Challenge
Students plan and implement ways to green the Earth

Concord Consortium
Molecular Workbench

Virtual Environments


Programming Tools



Squeak- free download

StageCast Creator- create simulations and games index.html

Agent Sheets- create games

Science Lesson Plans

Elementary GLOBE
Earth Studies: Clouds, soils, water, seasons, earth systems

Discovery Education

Teacher Vision

Science Teaching Ideas

Exploratorium: Hands On Activities

Exploratorium: Explore

Teachers' Domain

From the MSU Elementary Teams' Professional Resources

Teacher Development
Free online teacher professional development videos and workshops from the Annenberg Foundation

CASES- Curriculum Access System for Elementary Science

NPR Science Friday

NYTimes Science Times- every Tuesday science/index.html

General Educational Technology resources/browse/172/


Software to buy:

Criteria for software purchasing 2002pt3/criteria.htm

Starry Night

Thinkin' Science Zap! (outdated?),1382970,818_1382995&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Tom Snyder (Science Court) products/products.asp?Subject= Science