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Podcasts are series of audio or video recordings that can be distributed over the Internet. You can subscribe to a web site that hosts podcasts, and the newest podcast can be downloaded automatically to your computer or your iPod or other media player. You can also be the host of podcasts, posting new ones daily, weekly, or periodically.

Without committing to a series of podcasts, a single audio or video recording can also be posted on a web page for sharing with others.

Audacity and Garage Band are two audio editors for making podcasts. Audacity is a free downloadable software while GarageBand is free with Apple computers. Voices can be recorded, music from other sources imported, and, in GarageBand, pictures and provided music loops can also be added.


Launch iTunes (Applications- iTunes or Programs- iTunes) and search for the podcasts from the University of South Florida on making podcasts in Audacity and Garage Band or follow the path shown in the picture below, ITunes University- University of South Florida- College of Education- Tech-Ease- Podcasting. Choose one of the podcasts and listen to it.


What series of podcasts can you envision for an elementary class' production? Add your possibilities to this page by clicking on the Edit This Page button.

When might you want to just record voices and not add music?

What possibilities do you see for a stand-alone recording (not a series)? What might students want to publish as an audio recording?

With what grades would you use podcasting?

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