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iTecs Innovative Ideas

March 27, 2009
It's the iTecs news blurb, a weekly note of ideas for using technology in instruction and to enhance your professional life. We keep it simple and brief, but feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule time to work with us.

Screencasting Software

Listen to the screencasting portion of this newsletter via a screencast:

Educational Ideas

Screen Capture Software enables the presenter to record their presentation with their video narration or audio.
• Enables later playback of a presentation
• Offers opportunity to redo presentation
• Audience can stop, review, fast forward
• Enables recording anywhere
• Some software enable video presenter video and presentation at the same time

• Does not allow interaction with audience
• Requires microphone and software

• Practice presentations and book read- alouds, discuss, and reflect
• Narrate online animations of processes
Social studies:
• Geography- Students narrate a tour of a particular landform using Google Earth with Jing
Record adding and subtracting negative numbers using integer chips and post for parents’ and student home or school review

Professional Ideas


• Record your class presentations or conference presentations prior to class or conference. View to examine strong and weak areas in need of improvement.
• Record your conference presentations to share with prospective employers.
• Record technology processes that you seldom use for later reminders of the processes eg. Uploading files to MSU web space

Screencasting Software

Management of Time and Resources

On the Fall Survey two instructors noted needs related to students learning time and resource management, so we’re offering some brief suggestions. If you want to work with any of these with your students, please contact us!
Aids for managing resources using technology
  1. wikis
    1. students might begin their own wiki for posting links or technology resources
    2. a class might build their own wiki of resources
    3. a subject area might build a wiki of resources
    4. Wikis
      3. jsp
  2. bookmarking
    1. is a wonderful bookmarking tool for keeping track of web sites and their resources
      1. bookmark with keyword tags
      2. share bookmarks with other users
  3. several other options are available at Cool Tools for Schools: Tools
  4. Keeping track of searches
    1. set up through gmail that keeps a history of all things searched
    2. statistics application can be applied to show what you've been visiting
Aids for time management in planning lessons and units
  1. time needed for planning lessons and units
    1. google calendar or Outlook- color code times for grading, planning, etc.
    2. Time management for students, principles apply for teachers too
    3. Randy Pausch video on time management-
    5. Tools
  2. time needed to implement the lessons and units, transitions, etc.
    1. PowerPoint Timer- counts down time while students work or teacher leads


Comments? More ideas? Feedback?

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Innovation with Technology in Education Consultants (iTecs)

We are three graduate assistants at Michigan State University who aid the Teacher Education faculty and instructors in using technology to teach subject matter in pedagogically effective ways in their classes. We are available for meeting with teams or individual instructors or assisting with classes. More information can be found on the iTecs wiki,

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Volume 1 Issue 9