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iTecs Innovative Ideas

March 6, 2009
It's the iTecs news blurb, a weekly note of ideas for using technology in instruction and to enhance your professional life. We keep it simple and brief, but feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule time to work with us.

Global Collaboration

Educational Ideas

Web sites can connect students to global issues and others in the world. Many of these sites cross disciplines so check them all for ways to collaborate globally.


UNICEF learn about global issues.

United Nations
Work with data and curriculum to learn more about other countries

Classrooms from all over the world collaborate on projects, email each other, share information through blogs, and share writing through a discussion board.
Check for projects such as budget sharing, global warming, natural disasters, Who I Am, and In2Books.
Encourage your students to communicate with other teachers or connect their students with other classrooms.

Share opinions, artwork, and emails with students around the world.

Affordances of these services
  • free services
  • connect classrooms from all over the world
  • offer authentic learning situations
  • translation included in emails
  • forums for teachers, students, families, and projects
  • asynchronous, so groups do not need to be in the same part of the world to participate
  • require Internet access
  • require others with similar interests to participate
  • asynchronous, so patience is needed

More ideas
Science and Math- Journey North-
Students share data to track
  • migration of butterflies, robins, hummingbirds, whooping cranes, gray whales, bald eagles
  • budding of tulip bulbs
  • changing sunlight

Science and Math- GLOBE-
Students share and use others' data
Social Studies and Literacy- Our Stories-
Listen to stories from around the world; access guidelines for interviewing and recording stories
All subject areas- iEARN-
membership fee, but offers many options for collaboration
All subject areas- even more ideas-

Professional Ideas

Classroom 2.0
Read the pages or join the ning to learn more about and participate in discussions about using Web 2.0 applications (online applications that allow user input, not just reading, like wikis, bubbleply, nings,

KIDLINK the pedagogical evaluation of the KIDLINK Who Am I program

Global Education Collaborative
Join the ning and contribute various media to the conversation

World Internet Service
gain a new perspective of how many people around the world are using the internet

Step by Step Guide to Global Collaborations
learn the process of global collaboration

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From the Fall Surveys....
Q: In your subject area, what is a difficult concept for K-12 and/or TE students to grasp?
A: geometry and data analysis

A few suggestions for helping students:
The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
offers a whole section on Geometry:

Interact with various geometric shapes

For more advanced students, MathNet allows interactive construction and manipulation of lines and figures

Geometry ideas from the Apple Learning Interchange

Data Analysis
The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
offers a whole section on Data Analysis:

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that quickly produces charts from data.
Explore it on your own or in this tutorial:

Try InspireData, a software for exploring and analyzing data
Download a free 30 day trial from the web site.

Data Analysis ideas from the Apple Learning Interchange analysis

Use web sites to gather data, generate simple graphs, and discuss them:
poll everywhere

Try some of the global collaboration links and work with data there, e.g. Infonation

Interns Implementations

Document Camera (also called an ELMO)- all students see; immediate, no need to make transparency
  • Textbook while reading
  • Place value blocks
  • Worksheet display
Climate reports- gather information online, compare another place to school’s
Simple machines- operate them online
Produced podcasts of Michigan history
Current Events
  • Check online for more info on current events
  • Pictures from online for current events
Spelling help from
Podcasts for language learning
Comic Life- students tell about themselves by adding comic bubbles to pictures
YouTube- watch second language movies together

Remember to add your interns' examples to the Interns' Implementations page!greenline1.jpg

Comments? More ideas? Feedback?

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Innovation with Technology in Education Consultants (iTecs)

We are three graduate assistants at Michigan State University who aid the Teacher Education faculty and instructors in using technology to teach subject matter in pedagogically effective ways in their classes. We are available for meeting with teams or individual instructors or assisting with classes. More information can be found on the iTecs wiki,

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