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iTecs Innovative Ideas


January 30, 2009

Welcome to the iTecs news blurb, a weekly note of ideas for using technology in instruction and to enhance your professional life. We'll keep it simple and brief, but feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule time to work with us.

Educational Ideas

Professional Ideas
Looking to check out technology equipment and hardware? Want to know what kind
of technology is available? In this issue we provide a list of resources available from the College of Education:

The College of Education offers different services, each with their own specialties.

Where to get technology help:

Center for Teaching and Technology
Technology Interns in Education, TIEs- Room 133 Erickson
* Offer "Just in time" technology assistance
Learn more about the Center for Teaching and Technology on their wiki: Resources, including hardware support
for both Mac and Windows computers.


  • Offer educational technology consultation- how to use technology in effective ways in your classes
ANGEL assistance- setting up your course* learning new technology, both software and hardware
  • classroom assistance- help you teach your students using technology
  • web page development
  • media conversion
  • personal productivity

Where to get technology equipment:
TIES Office - 133 Erickson
The Center of Teaching and Technology has a collection of peripheral equipment that is available for use by College of Education faculty, staff, and students. This collection of equipment aims to help students and faculty within the College fully utilize the capabilities of their computers and software while increasing their general knowledge base of technology. Equipment can be checked out fro two weeks at a time. Below is a partial list of equipment the Center has in our inventory:
Digital Camcorder (SD and HD)
Digital still camera
External Drives (CD-RW, DVD-RW, Hard Drives)
Digital Voice Recorder (MP3, WAV and other formats)
Elmo Overhead Projectors
SMART Boards (use in Erickson Hall only)
Flip Video Cameras
GPS Units
Laptop carts- for use in Erickson Hall
Third Floor Erickson - Karen Gray's Desk, 355 Erickson
The Teacher Education department keeps a closet full of equipment that faculty members and doctoral students can use for teaching or research purposes. Karen Gray is in charge of checking the equipment out. Here is a list of the equipment:
Digital Camcorders (SD and HD)
Digital Voice Recorder (MP3, WAV and other formats)
Portable DVD player
Wireless Microphones

Use shortcuts and technology tricks to improve your personal productivity:

The following is a list of handy shortcuts and reminders which will help you, locate materials for your lessons, organize what you find, and share it with others in just a few clicks!

Seeing What You Want to See in Web Browsers

Use these easy shortcut keys:

· Find - CTRL + F
· Decrease Font Size - CTRL+ -
· Increase Font Size - CTRL + +
· New Tab - CTRL + T
· New Window - CTRL + N
· Work in two windows - Right click on the gray part of the start bar, select
Tile windows vertically

Use these search tutorials for better search:

· Boolean Searching on the Internet: A Primer in Boolean Logic
· Google Guide - Nice tutorials (for both novices and experienced users)
on searching with Google:
· To see how what you type in Google changes search results, visit:

Use these shortcut keys when working Microsoft Office:

Copying & Pasting

· Copy = CTRL + C
· Delete = CTRL + X
· Paste = CTRL + V
· Redo = CTRL + Y
· Undo = CTRL + Z


· Align Left – CTRL + L
· Align Right – CTRL + R
· Bold - CTRL + B
· Center - CTRL + E


· Find – CTRL + F
· Go to the beginning of the document - CTRL + Home
· Go to the end of the document - CTRL + End
· Select all - CTRL + A
· Select vertically - ALT + Drag
· Skip word-by-word to the left - CTRL + Left Arrow
· Skip word-by-word to the right - CTRL + Right Arrow
· Switch between open windows - ALT + Tab


Comments? More ideas? Feedback?
Respond via email or click on the Discussion tab above to add your input to this issue.


Innovation with Technology in Education Consultants (iTecs)
We are three graduate assistants at Michigan State University who aid the Teacher Education faculty and instructors in using technology to teach subject matter in pedagogically effective ways in their classes. We are available for meeting with teams or individual instructors or assisting with classes. More information can be found on our iTecs wiki,


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Issues will be archived on the iTecs wiki, Be sure to browse for other ideas there!

Volume 1 Issue 2