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Video and Workshop Resources

Children of the Code
A Social Education Project: A Public Television, DVD & Web Documentary Series

free online courses dealing with literacy across the lifespan

Online Videos and Workshops
Free Literature and Language Arts resources and training from the Annenberg Foundation

Videos from BBC

Great Sites for Use with K-12 Students

Interactives for Students
Interactive language and literature sites from the Annenberg Foundation

Visual Thesaurus
Try the concept map thesaurus

New Literacies

New Literacies Article

21st Century Literacies


National Novel Writing Month

From the MSU Elementary Teams' Professional Resources


Audacity OR

Garage Band OR

Try recording from your cell phone directly to your blog with Gcast

Alexandra (Student who is learning ESL)

Radio WillowWeb - Willowcast #24: Amazing Ants (1st Grade)

Radio WillowWeb: Guides to help make a great Willowcast

Teacher Tutorials:
Audacity Quickstart Guide, Screencasts, & Tutorials


Create your own blog with Blogger OR

Edublogs OR


Blogging: It’s Elementary!

Welcome to Your PBWiki on Blogging

Twenty-five Days to Make a Difference (10-year-old girl’s blog)

Students in the Write: The Magical Menagerie at Morse - Mrs.
Groven’s Class Shares Their Hearts of Writing (Early elementary)

Room 208 – Bob Sprankle (3rd/4th Grade Multiage Classroom)

Primary 7v Class Blog


Create your own comic strip with Pikistrips (a.k.a. Comeeko)

OR try one of the sites listed under Comic Creation Sites here:

Comic Tutorial Dropdown

Marengo Story Comics (2nd Grade)


Andy Bobyarchick’s Field Trip Comics

Zam’s Quest Comic Book Maker

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling Website

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling Presented by Our Students in the Scott County Schools

Create your own digital story with Bubbleply

You can also use one of the tools listed at the bottom of this page:

Scaffolding for Students

Blank Storyboard

Cookbook (Example Storyboard)

Teacher Tutorials

Storytelling Finds Its Place in the Classroom

Graphic Organizers

Create your own graphic organizer with Gliffy

OR explore these graphic oganizers

Scaffolds & Organizers


Interactive Maps

Storymapping Project

Create your own interactive map using one of the tools listed

How to Use Google Maps (TeacherTube video)

How to Create a Picture with Pop-up Comments in Excel


Create your own movie with Windows Moviemaker

iMovie- Mac

Dead Words Funeral (4th Grade)

Springfield Public Schools: Projects

Welcome to Digital Documentaries

iMovie Tutorials

Windows Movie Maker Help


PowerPoint In the Classroom

Games (Download the ppt presentations)

Create your own PowerPoint presentation


Create your own scrapbook with Scrapblog

In Search of Shakespeare - Scrappy Scrapbooks (4th grade)



MSU Grads Technology

Search (Advanced)

Teacher Tutorials:
Boolean Primer

Google Guide

Scaffolding for Students:
Noodle Tools

Search Wizard


Virtual Environments

Second Life (Create your own avatar and explore Orientation Island)

DU – Kjarrett’s Tagged Photos (Education sites in Second Life)

Second Life: Educators Working with Teens

Websites & Electronic Portfolios

Create your own webpage with Google Pages OR

Nvu OR


Google Page Tutorial

Introduction to Nvu

Principles of Good Web Design

Web 2.0 Tools

Brochure Creator
Design brochures and flyers

Allows you to add speech and thought bubbles to any online video.

Create Your Scenario
Kids can create their own playscripts

Turn Flickr photos into coloring book images (VERY COOL), make them look old, turn them into globes, or add reflections. Print or save to your Flickr account.

FDs Flickr Toys
CD covers, magazines, mosaics, trading cards, etc., for creative assignments.

Generator Blog
Links to all kinds of fun projects, including creating CD covers, cereal boxes, etc.

Make your own newsletters, publish up to 10 online at any one time (without having to create a website).

Create your own motivational posters for free.

Create your own word clouds





Code Blue (6th Grade) [Information Literacy]

Copyright & Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers

Wikispaces Help