Global Educators Cohort Program - Teacher Education

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Keyboard Shortcuts
Control (Windows) Command or Apple (Mac) plus...
Open- O
Quit- Q
New- N
Print- P
Save- S
Copy- C
Cut- X
Paste- V
Find- F
Close Window- W
Select All- A
Undo- Z
Redo- Y

Word processing
Control (Windows) Command or Apple (Mac) plus...
Bold- B
Italics- I
Align left- L
Align Right- R
Center- E
Skip word-by-word to the left - Left Arrow
Skip word-by-word to the right - Right Arrow

Select vertically - ALT + Drag
Switch between open windows - ALT + Tab
Text Tips and Tricks
Header or Footer – View- Header and Footer- Type in the box that appears
Textbox – Insert- Textbox- Click on the page, drag to create the box,
then type in the box
Page Break – Insert- Break-Next Page (Or Page Break) then click OK

Image Tips and Tricks
Drawing Toolbar – View- Toolbars- Drawing
Format Picture – Format- Picture (or Object)- Layout- Tight
Insert Picture – Insert- Picture- Clipart (or if a photo, choose From File)
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