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iTecs Innovative Ideas


February 13, 2009

Welcome to the iTecs news blurb, a weekly note of ideas for using technology in instruction and to enhance your professional life. We'll keep it simple and brief, but feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule time to work with us.

Educational Ideas
Professional Ideas
One of the easiest and most effective ways to integrate technology within your
course is with a wiki.

A wiki is a simple web page or collection of web pages which allow users to add, edit, and modify content. This issue of iTecs Innovative Ideas is dedicated to exploring the educational and professional benefits of using a wiki.

In addition, this issue provides a variety of examples of how to use a wiki
in the classroom.

Benefits of using a wiki include:
- Share resources and assignments
- Electronically document coursework
- Ease of collaboration
- Co-constructing knowledge

Examples of wikis by subject area:
Social studies:
Special education:

The iTecs wiki is maintained by the College
of Education. The College of Education has purchased a licensing agreement with to host free wikis for any and all interested instructors!

Please see Dave Dai for more information about this service.

Looking to enhance your professional presence?
Or to share ideas with a professional community?

If you are interested in learning more about utilizing a wiki in your professional practice, please attend the

Wiki Workshop
By Dave Dai and Terri Gustafson
On Feb. 18th
133D Erickson Hall
BYOL (Bring your own laptop)

Wikis can help not only with the collaboration in your classroom but are a great way to share professional ideas.
The following is a list of websites where you can create your own wiki
for free:

Please note that right now is giving away 250,000 free wikis to K-12 teachers. These wikis are advertising-free, private, and have unlimited use.

To learn more about utilizing and collaborating on a wiki click

If you are a doctoral student this wiki is for you:


Comments? More ideas? Feedback?
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Innovation with Technology in Education Consultants (iTecs)
We are three graduate assistants at Michigan State University who aid the Teacher Education faculty and instructors in using technology to teach subject matter in pedagogically effective ways in their classes. We are available for meeting with teams or individual instructors or assisting with classes. More information can be found on our iTecs wiki,


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Volume 1 Issue 4