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Field Instructors and classroom instructors have asked how previous interns have used technology in their classrooms. Please share those examples!

Tessellations in PowerPoint Discussion

An intern in a fifth grade classroom built a PowerPoint presentation of patterns and used it as a discussion tool with students to decide whether each pattern fit the criteria of a tessellation. Using the animation feature of PowerPoint, the intern first showed the picture, had students point out the initial shape and any tessellating shapes, and then added the outlined shapes to be sure all could see.

moon2.pngMoon Rotation Simulation Video

An intern used an online demonstration of the moon's rotation to help her third graders visualize the difficult concept.

Google Maps and Google Earth and terrain, traveling, and historic places


Both secondary and elementary interns found Google Earth ( and Google maps ( helpful for studying terrain, landforms, distances, and perspectives. A high school social studies intern used it whenever discussing areas outside of the U.S.; a second grade intern began her unit of Japan by "flying" with her students from their school to Tokyo.

Google Sites and Web Pages for Student Exploration of Lighthouses

For her unit on lighthouses, another intern use googlepages (now lighthouse2.pngGoogle Sites- to create a website ( highlighting several lighthouses with short descriptions and pictures and providing links for further research. Her fourth graders worked in pairs, using the website to learn about their lighthouse, and then produced a brochure for encouraging others to come to their lighthouse. Because the intern noticed her students' lack of keyboarding skills, she chose to require a handwritten and hand illustrated brochure rather than a digital format.

Copyright and Internet Safety

copyright.png Other interns have reported using the internet for research on social studies and science projects, providing links for student use or reviewing searching skills prior to the research, depending on the age of the students. Copyright and Internet Safety are always good topics to cover when venturing on the internet. Resources used by interns:

Document Camera (also called an ELMO)- all students see; immediate, no need to make transparency
  • Textbook while reading
  • Place value blocks
  • Worksheet display

Climate reports- gather information online, compare another place to school’s

Simple machines- operate them online

Produced podcasts of Michigan history

Current Events
  • Check online for more info on current events
  • Pictures from online for current events


Spelling help from

Podcasts for language learning

Comic Life- students tell about themselves by adding comic bubbles to pictures

YouTube- watch second language movies together

TeacherTube - search and watch digital stories which help build vocabulary skills

Shahi - an online visual dictionary, uses images to help scaffold the meaning of words. Please make sure you guide students through this site, because some of the images are not suitable for children.