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Google Documents

In Google Documents users can share word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, or form documents with others. Users can upload an existing document from their computer or create a new document using Google Docs software.

Listen to and watch a short presentation on Google Documents: and then check out the templates available for use:

If you have a Google account (gmail), log in and click on Documents. If it is not along the top menu, check the drop down menu from more.


Start a new document. Write about interactive web sites and then save and share it with one of your group members.

Add the group member as a collaborator and have them open the document from their email. If they have their own laptop, keep both users logged in and see what happens when one edits the page.
Edit this page by answering the following questions.
What uses do you see for Google Documents in an elementary classroom?

Which type of document would work best for sharing work with another classroom of students?

Which type of document would work best for sharing work with two or three students in the same classroom?

What sort of publishing could Google Documents support?

What concerns do you have with using Google Documents?

With which grades would you use Google Documents?

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