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Digital Storytelling

“Literacy has always been about using the most powerful cultural tools available to make and communicate meaning. At the present, those tools happen to be multimedia tools that use video, graphics, sound, and traditional text in a hypermedia format. If we or our students don't know how to critically use these tools to their fullest meaning-constructive potential, then we—and they—are illiterate” (Jeff Wilhelm, 2000, p. 7).


LOOK: What literacies are involved?

Digital Storytelling Presented by Our Students in the Scott County Schools


PLAY: Why might this matter to students?

Create your own digital story with VoiceThread
Use Windows Movie Maker or GarageBand on this computer
You can also use one of the tools listed at the bottom of this page: Storytelling

learn.jpgLEARN: How does it work?

Teacher Tutorials

Storytelling Finds Its Place in the Classroom

Everything about digital storytelling